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cutecutepet is located in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China. Subsidiary of petsgosmile.We have branches in both Hong Kong, which specializes in training and anti-barking products, and Shenzhen, which specializes in a wider range of pet products.

Key highlights of cutecutepet:
Factory Location: Shenzhen, China Shenzhen, China, covers an area of 2,500 square meters.
Employee strength: A strong team of 108 professionals.
Business Model: B2B oriented and flexible to meet different business needs.
Customization and MOQ: We specialize in customization and support low MOQ, making us an ideal partner for companies of all sizes.
Production Strength: We have 12 state-of-the-art production lines.
Product Portfolio: Specializing in a wide range of pet products, including dog training collars,automatic feeders,water fountain,dog chew toys,bed,cat litter,litter box,scratch tree,anti-barking devices etc..
Excellent R&D: Over 30% of our employees are dedicated to R&D, ensuring continuous innovation.
Global Footprint: Our products are sold in more than 150 countries and we have partnerships with major supermarket chains.
Competitive advantage: Not only do you get competitive prices and high-quality products, but our service system and efficiency are also astounding. At cutecutepet, worries about product quality and marketability are a thing of the past.
Warranty and Guarantee: Our confidence in the quality of our products is demonstrated by the fact that we offer a 2-year warranty that exceeds industry standards. In addition, we ensure that every unit is covered, even if only one is found to be defective.
RECYCLING POLICY: Our unique 1-year recycling policy allows for exchanges or refunds on any order, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
WHY CHOOSE CUTECUTEPET Our unwavering belief in product design, quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We create not just products, but lasting experiences.
cutecutepet is more than a brand, it’s a commitment to quality, innovation and unrivaled service. Join us on a journey to redefine B2B business and experience what it means to have a one-stop shop for pre-sales consulting, assistance with product selection, profit making, rapid prototyping and production, shipping arrangements, and professional after-sales service!

How different?

First Company in China that supports cooperation before payment

Cutecutepet is your most reliable partner for advanced training and stop barking solutions, where quality price and service are never an issue.

All orders such as does not affect sales, within one year can apply for an exchange or refund, so that cooperation without financial pressure

All products have a warranty of up to two years, and any quality problems can be applied for compensation or credit for the next order.

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What do you get from us?

Price, product and service have never been an issue at cutecutepet!

Price & Profit

Through the market price research, we position the quality of high-end, ex-factory price is reasonable, to meet the profit margin of each partner, the pursuit of long-term cooperation.


More than 30% of the company's personnel for the R & D staff, the annual launch of a variety of new products to support partners, for product quality control, we are committed to each one we will be responsible for the compensation!


Responding in as little as 30 minutes, from pre-sales selection, market and profit analysis, customized samples, production and shipment, one-stop service saves you more time and cost!

Difference Between Good and Bad

Dog Collar Components – Quality Snapshot

Casing: Durable and waterproof in high-quality; brittle in low-quality.
Battery: Long-life, rechargeable versus short-life.
Receiver & Transmitter: Stable signals versus interference-prone.
Electrodes: Safe and comfy versus sharp and risky.
Adjustment Controls: Precise and user-friendly versus imprecise.
Remote Control: Ergonomic design versus poorly crafted.

Quality Differentiation Standards:
Durability and Reliability: High-quality dog training collars can withstand regular wear and tear and function reliably.
Safety: It’s crucial that the training collar is safe for pets and does not cause harm or excessive discomfort.
Water Resistance: Especially for outdoor use, water resistance is an important feature.
Comfort: High-quality products are designed with pet comfort in mind, whereas low-quality products might overlook this aspect.
Signal Range and Stability: A broad and stable signal coverage is a characteristic of high-quality products.

Stop worrying about any B2B issues that you are facing and reach out to us!

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