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Can you imagine? There are few cases like this where similar dogs have been hurt. Dogs training collar R&D currently belongs to the relatively mature, there are actually customers feedback that bought a low-priced and unsafe shock collar, of course, we know that this is due to some merchants cut corners. Because the electric shock function is not stable, after 1 month of use, the electric shock level suddenly enhanced, or the service life is only a few months resulting in poor reviews, or charging can not be normal, or waterproof do not do a good job, rainy days or outdoor hunting protection level are not enough and so on. But for a product the most important foundation is security, with security, but also stability, not just temporary security, or jeopardize the interests of end customers and your own reputation!

Now, as a manufacturer of pet supplies for more than a decade, I’m going to share with you more perspectives on dogs training collar.

dog hurt by bad quality training collar

What is dogs shock collar?

Dogs training collar:remote with receiver collar

training collar

Anti-bark collars:Only receive collars

Non-barking collar

Ultrasound device:Available use at yard or in room

Stop barking equipment
BeepingThe vast majority of beeping features on the market have only a single sound and do not differentiate between small, large and medium levels. Because the buzzing is similar to the function of clicker whistle,so it is relatively single.
VibrationConventional will also have 1-16 gears or even higher, but according to customer feedback, the effect of beeping and vibration is relatively weak if for the more intense character of dogs
Electric ShockNormally it has 1-99 level,According to our customer feedback, 85% of customers feel that 1-99 grades of electric shock in fact, the intensity of each grade is not much difference, more inclined to choose 1-16 grades of products, electric shock level is enough to use, 16 grades is equivalent to 99 grades, but the operation is convenient!
SprayingA spray training collars is a type of dog-training tool.
It emits a burst of spray, often an odor (such as citronella), whenever a dog is misbehaving — e.g., barking too much or not following your commands. The idea is to startle the dog and interrupt his bad behavior, hopefully teaching him to associate the bad behavior with the unpleasant smell, thereby motivating him to stop doing it.
UltrasoundAn ultrasound training collar is a device that emits ultrasonic sound waves to correct dogs. Humans can’t hear these sound waves, but dogs can. The sound serves as a deterrent for bad behavior like barking too much, jumping on people, or not following your commands. The goal is to teach the dog to associate the unpleasant ultrasonic sound with the bad behavior, so he’ll stop doing it.

Below is comparative information on the effectiveness of each feature of the user feedback we have collected:

Electric Shock98.7% of users found this feature to be the most effective
Ultrasound75% of user feedback says it works and doesn’t hurt the dog, but some dogs that are not sensitive to this frequency are not effective
Spraying69% of user feedback says it works, but be careful to shave a little shorter around the dog’s neck
Vibration65.9% of user say it works well for new puppies and big, gentle dogs.
BeepingMost customer feedback is similar to the vibration function
  • Immediate Feedback:Training collars give dogs immediate feedback, which is important for them to understand the connection between their behavior and the correction.
  • Versatile Training:You can use them to address a variety of issues, including excessive barking, aggression, and disobedience.
  • Non-Painful Methods:Most collars use non-painful deterrents like citronella spray or ultrasonic sound, so they’re humane training tools.
  • Adjustable Intensity:You can usually adjust the intensity of the correction to match your dog’s size, temperament, and sensitivity.
  • Automated Corrections:Some collars can be set to automatically correct behaviors like barking, so they provide consistent training even when you’re not around.
  • Remote Control:You can correct your dog at the exact moment of misbehavior, so you’re consistent.
  • Clear Signals:Training collars give your dog clear signals, so they help you communicate with your pet.
  • Reinforcement of Commands:You can use them to reinforce commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” so your training is more effective.
  • Off-Leash Training:You can train your dog off-leash, so you have control and safety without having to physically hold onto him.
  • Preventing Harmful Behavior:They can help stop behaviors that could be dangerous to your dog or others, like running into traffic or being aggressive.
  • Ease of Use:Modern training collars are easy to use, with simple controls and settings.
  • Portable:Compact and portable, allowing for training in various environments, from the home to public spaces.
  • Long-Term Results:When you use them right, training collars can create long-term changes in your dog’s behavior, so you don’t have to keep correcting him.
  • Improved Quality of Life:When you train your dog well, he’s usually happier and more confident, which makes life better for both of you.
BrandReference Selling PriceGood Sales ModelFeatures
SportDog79-449$425X: $169.95They’re known for being tough and reliable, and they’re waterproof, so they’re great for hunting and field training.
Petsafe129.95-199.95$Elite:$139.95They’re easy to use, versatile, and they can help you control barking or train your dog from a distance.
Garmin149-1199.98$Delta SE: $249.99They use advanced technology, have GPS tracking, and can be used from far away, so they’re perfect for professional trainers and hunters.
Dogtra149.99-569.99$Arc:$214.99They’re professional-grade, so you have total control and can adjust the intensity to exactly what you need. Plus, they’re waterproof.

So,we guess you already knew that which brand is better for you to use!

Juliii:”I am Juliii, i think it is Cola”

Juliii:”Because dogs training collar!”

If you’re in the pet supply business or are ready to start one, you can start by finding out how big the market is for dogs training collar:

Trends of dog training collars on amazon.us

The shock collars market has been growing and is expected to keep growing. In 2023, it was worth about $100.67 million, and it’s projected to be worth $273.32 million by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.72% (Verified Market Reports). This growth is because more people are getting pets, especially dogs, and they want good ways to train them.

Now let’s see how is it about training collars sales

Take a look at a few of the monthly sales and selling prices on the first page of Amazon, in fact, you can look at the entire first page and sneakily tell you that most of the previous half of the products are from our company!By the way,We also supply several major chains in the U.S. with specialized models.Well maybe you will ask,how you compete with their big brand,they are strong quality with perfect looking etc.

Because they’re too expensive for the users. Most people are using them for family pets and maybe some hunting dogs, and you can buy a good one for $70 to $100, and it looks just like the big brands. That’s why people don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a high-end dogs training collar. That’s why you’ll see on Amazon that the people who sell 10,000 units a month are not selling to the high-end users. We’ve also put out about 10 models that are high-end at a tenth of the price, and everyday home use models at a 10th to 20th of the price. And yet our positive feedback rate is 96.9%!

At Cuecutepet, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality pet supplies, including advanced dogs training collars. With over 30% of our team dedicated to R&D, we offer innovative and customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of large-scale chain stores, distributors, and professional pet supply buyers worldwide.if you want to know more about us,please click HERE.

Our strict price controls mean our partners make a lot of money, with up to around 230% profit on the final buyer’s selling price. We keep our wholesale prices competitive, so our partners make the most money possible while still giving their customers great products.And we support our customers with special styles to become a regional distributor.

Provide shock,vibration,beeping,spray,ultrasound for different needs,and all customizable according to your requests.We drill more on daily use models and some outdoor hunting special models, targeting international brands with a distance of 300-1500 meters. Including ultrasonic models that can be hung on the patio to prevent the neighbor’s dog from barking.

  • Our shock collars have special safety features to make sure your dog doesn’t get hurt while you’re training him/her. We test every collar to make sure it meets internationa l safety standards, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety.
  • We don’t use recycled materials or cheap charging equipment. We don’t send out any products that don’t work right, and we’ll replace any collar that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Plus, we check every collar by hand before we send it to you, so you know you’re getting a good one.

We give you more ways to correct your dog, including vibration, sound, and mild electric shocks. You can adjust the intensity to match your dog’s sensitivity. This means you can customize your training to fit your dog, so you get better results.

We make our collars out of really good stuff, so they last a long time, feel good in your hand, and are better than most of the other ones out there. They’re designed to fit your hand and be comfortable, so you can use them for a long time without getting tired or sore. We use good stuff for all our accessories, too. We don’t use recycled or used materials.

Our 98.7% on-time order fulfillment rate ensures we get your stuff to you when you need it. We’ve got a global distribution network and a strong supply chain management system that lets us handle big orders without breaking a sweat.
We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, so we can give you a quote that’ll save you money and time.

We work with big chains, but we also work with small and medium-sized customers start their business. We have low MOQs and we do free light customization like product color and logo, and if you want something else for customization, just ask us freely!

Cutecutepet is a large manufacturer of pet products, almost everything you need we can meet the demand for one-stop service. In addition, we have a special no-hassle sales upfront policy to ensure that small and medium-sized customers have no financial pressure when working with us, and we can also offer customized services with low MOQs. If you would like to know more about China Pet Supply Chain, please fill in the blanks on the right and contact us to discuss!

Jerry Fan

Hi everyone, I am the author of this article and I have been working in this field for more than 5 years. If you want to wholesale pet related products, feel free to ask me any questions. We have the absolute advantage of factory resources in China, we will regularly update the factory inspection and pet products related industry video!

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